Tosh Peterson, also known as "Tosh the Drummer" is an incredible drummer who is known for his energetic Instagram videos and for being Nik West’s drummer.

Tosh Peterson started playing from an early after growing up seeing his father tour with bands. After hearing that Thomas Pridgen would be in his hometown Tosh decided to create his own Instagram account so he could connect with him. After posting a couple videos Thomas noticed Tosh the both became instant friends. Since then Tosh has gained an Instagram following and used his unique fashion choices to set himself apart from other drummers. Now his signature neon colored pants with a beanie on his head has become his signature look which is every drummer recognizes. 

At only 16 years old, he’s already a monster in the music industry. With BIG endorsements and an unbelievable gig that would make any musician envious, Tosh Peterson is playing his cards right. And he’s just getting started!