Is fear stopping you from posting... let an Astronaut convince you otherwise!

For most of us, it can be a little intimidating to post content online. Especially if it's something we enjoy doing, it can easily make you feel too vulnerable and even judged. So how do you get over that fear? Well the answer is.... are you ready... By doing it of course! 

There is a great TED Talk by Chris Hadfield that helped inspire me to launch my Instagram account.  Right around 8:30 - 10:55 he talks about fear and how he overcomes it (I highly recommend that you listen to the whole talk, it's fascinating!).

While social media may not be "dangerous", it can be very intimidating. At least it was (and still is) for me.

So how did I get over my fear? Well... I followed Chris's advice and broke it down to the following steps:

  1. Consistency
  2. Challenge Yourself
  3. Affirmation

The first key to success is consistency.

Using Chris's example of overcoming a fear of spiders by walking into spider webs, posting consistently will get rid help you overcome your fear of posting.  

Every post increases your knowledge which makes the whole process easier. You'll notice that as you do it more, you'll ignore any doubts because you'll be so focused on your next post. Easier said than done, but trust me when I say that it works. It took me over 20 tries before I started gaining real traction, but I kept at it. It scared me less and less every time. Imagine if I had stopped at #19? 

The second key is to Challenge Yourself. 

You only get better by being challenged. That's a fact that most of us can agree on. While consistency is important, it will only take you so far. At some point you're going to have to try new things that increase your skill sets and take risks. 

When I first started I didn't have a nice camera or good lights for my videos (I still don't actually... I should probably get on that). Instead of being discouraged, I challenged myself to get the best quality possible with what I had (which was an iPhone, Handheld Audio Recorder, and drumset). I found dozens of video tutorials on lighting, filming, editing, etc. I made my own lights, background and even learned how to use complicated editing software like Adobe Premier. With every new skill my confidence grew and my content got better. 

The last key is Affirmation. 

This simply means to create a system of positive reinforcement for yourself. This can be done in many different ways. 

I wrote very short, encouraging notes for myself and set them up as daily reminders on my google calendar. I know it sounds cheesy... fine I admit it, it's VERY cheesy. However, I can't tell you how many times that encouraging note stopped me from giving up and pushed me forward.

You don't have to do it this way. Maybe you have friends that can remind you? Maybe you get inspired by listening to inspirational speakers? It doesn't matter. If you have ways to keep you motivated then you'll do just fine. 

So what are you waiting for? Don't let fear stop you from posting. Get to it!