Horace Bray: Overcoming career ending obstacles


Horace Bray is a well known guitarist who overcame a terrible setback that nearly destroyed his music career in college. This set back was so bad that he was even beginning to train as an architect. However Horace did not give up and discovered a new way to play music. He was reborn as a better musician which has led to his success. This is THE EPISODE that every musician needs to hear. I guarantee you that you’ll feel inspired to push past all your obstacles after hearing his story.

On today's episode, Horace gets into: 

  • How he got started with music
  • How he lost the ability to play guitar while attending university
  • What made him decide to move past this obstacle
  • Steps he took to overcome this challenge

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Insatagram - @horacebray.music

Facebook - @horacebraymusic