Siros Vaziri: Tripling down on what you're good at doing


Siros is one of my favorite drummers on Instagram. He started the “Fill of the Day" movement which propelled him to Instagram stardom. In less than 3 years he has gained over 80,000 followers and accomplished feats that takes most drummers decades to achieve. One of these achievements is receive an endorsement deal from Meinl Cymbals, which is ridiculously hard to obtain.  

On today's episode, Siros get's into:

  • How he got he got started on Instagram
  • Habits that got his grew is account to over 80,000
  • How Siros continues to remain motivated
  • New projects
  • What led to Siros getting an endorsement from Meinl

Social Media Info:

Instagram - @sirosvaziri

Facebook - @sirosvaziri

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