Elmo Lovano: An Interview with JammCard's Founder


Elmo Lovano does it all! He is an absolutely incredible drummer who’s toured and worked with industry giants including Christina Perri, Miley Cyrus and Skrillex. He is the founder and CEO of JammCard, the industry’s most innovative private social networking app for musicians. Even though starting a company is not easy, Elmo was determined to make his vision come to life. In our conversation, Elmo breaks down where the inspiration for JammCard came from and the steps he took to get it off the ground.

In today's episode, Elmo get's into: 

  • How his love for community has always inspired career choices
  • Where the idea for JammCard came from
  • What steps he took to bring his startup to life
  • Valuable Lessons learned form this experience

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Connect with Elmo:

Instagram - @elmolovano

Facebook - @elmolovano