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Sam Blakelock is an amazing guitarist based out of New York and brilliant when it comes to social media marketing. Using marketing skills that he learned on his own, Sam quickly grew his Instagram page @pickupjazz from 0 to over 240,000 followers in very little time. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also consults various companies on social media marketing. He is absolutely BRILLIANT and wanted to learn more about his strategies, thought process and work ethic. 

On today's episode, Sam get's into: 

  • How he got started with Instagram
  • Specific strategies that helped his account "pickupjazz" gain over 240,000 followers
  • Marketing strategies he taught himself from YouTube videos
  • New projects that he's currently working on

Links mentioned in episode: 

Instagram Guide for Musicians

Article on how Sam got his first 1300 followers

Social Media Info: 

Instagram - @samblakelock

Instagram - @pickupjazz

Facebook - @pickupjazz