Francesca Simone: Artist, Songwriter & Guitarist for Beyonce

Photo by    Devin Schiro    &    Zain Shammas

Photo by Devin Schiro & Zain Shammas

FRANCESCA SIMONE is a mega talented artist, songwriter and guitarist. She plays for superstars including Beyonce and Kehlani.

This was truly a special conversation because Francesca opens up about what it’s like to truly find your own sound in a world filled with rules and expectations on how to behave as a musician. She broke through all these obstacles and now enjoys a ludicrously successful career. She’s a talented innovator and can’t wait for you to get to know her a little better though our conversation.

In today's episode FRANCESCA gets into:

  • How she got started in music

  • Her early musical experiences as a jazz musician

  • Why she decided to change her career path

  • How she became Beyonce’s go to musician

  • The importance of finding your own sound and how she found hers


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