Louis Futon

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The very talented Louis Futon (Tyler Minford) joins me for a meaningful conversation about his life.

Every since Tyler and I met I’ve admired his hard work ethic, musical talent and ability to pave his own path in the music world. It’s clear that he brings something different to table which has allowed his music to break boundaries. However this success did not come with its own set of challenges. Frankly I wasn’t surprised to hear about them but I was definitely amazed to learn more about how he pushed through them like a champion. If you’re actively pursuing a career music, Tyler’s story will inspire you to continue doing what you love.

In today’s episode, Louis Futon gets into:

  • Early life

  • What were some of his early successes

  • How Adderall affected his creativity

  • The meaning behind his new album

  • What’s next for his career

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